Free online poker tools

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Free Online Poker Tools

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How to Use Poker Software to Maximize Your Advantage


At times, if the software is not adjusted correctly it can cost you dearly. The ultimate online poker software suite of tools, created for players just like you.

These include the frequency of 3bet or continuation bet, just to name a couple. While enjoying your home game the on-screen poker clock will tell you when the blinds are up, time until the next break, and the total time elapsed in your tournament or SNG so far.

Get all available tools on our site for FREE simply, sign up in a poker room make a small deposit and you can get the most advanced professional software without paying the price. When closing to this mark, stats are already of significant value and hard decisions can be made by partially relying on them.

This is mainly due to the fact that tournaments feature significant differences from cash games making general data pretty worthless. Tools which show you different poker odds and probabilities are great for players learning the game. Read more about HM2 here! This way, you will be able to maximise your winnings in all your playing sessions. Find the newest online poker tools with detailed reviews, demo videos, strategy articles, bonuses and promotions available only for our customers.

These will help you learn the proper ranges for calling and going all in as well as learn about the required equity needed in certain spots. Data Mining for expanding your database can be done in two ways — by using Datamining Software or by purchasing Hand Histories when you simply upload them to your tracking software.

Fergulator - Bankroll management tool.

You can use various poker tools to improve your game play and adjust your playing style, most of them can be very useful when taking a difficult decisions. The first one is also a partner of Titan Poker Guru. Eurotech Chakra Chair Among the kings of ergonomic chairs, the Eurotech Chakra Chair looks sort of like something from a s film or TV show about the future.

Once you see the patterns in the output, your play can improve next time. Then automatically open those tables for you. This poker tool gives you accurate information over the complete game, icons in real-time onto your table shows you what type of player your opponents are - a fish, shark, rock, mouse or bomb, the information and stats are displayed beside each player.

Odds Calculators Odds Calculator Odds calculators are fit for beginners who have just started to play poker, as they will help them calculate such things as Pot Odds and Outs. With a paid license users can crunch numbers on their machine, save ranges, run multiple queries into a spreadsheet, and other advanced formulations. Software differs between the type of stats offered as well as the interface, however all of them are based on the same principle of collecting a large amount of previously played hands and visualising data.

If you have a spare 5 minutes, PokerStove is a better downloadable version of an odds calculator. The perfect solution for handling hand histories to aim perfection in the poker world. These databases also collect your stats, and you can analyze these after sessions to see which hands you are winning with and which situations or hands require more work — they are good for finding your leaks.

Some tools will also show statistics of your opponents and even their lifetime results playing tournaments.

There are several online poker tools available today. A tool like this pays for itself quite fast, when compared to purchasing histories from a site like HH Dealer.


We have reviewed and listed the most recommend poker odds calculators, trackers, indicators and other useful tools to improve your game. Some are specially designed for beginners, while others are meant for advanced players and there are still others that assist both seasoned as well as amateurs.

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Odds Calculators And Advice Engines: We help to make more profit, Poker Like a Pro The best compilation for professionals Poker Tracker. A poker software such as odds calculators can help ambitious poker players make their fortunes online without having to use complex mathematical formulas to calculate poker odds and probabilities.

Get all available tools on our site for FREE simply, sign up in a poker room make a small deposit and you can get the most advanced professional software without paying the price. Types Of Online Poker Tools This guide shows you what kinds of poker software tools are available, and outlines the stages of your poker career which each are best suited to.

How Different Poker Tools Can Help You Win More While Playing Poker

For the reasons outlined above, Tournament Software features and shows data different from other types. Some online poker tracker tools are not compatible with all poker rooms and it is highly recommended that you check with your poker room first before you consider making use of a poker tracker.

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The Pro Calculator has all knowlage you need. Great functions by bring in your hand history box files into the software package and operates an evaluation on your hand movements and activities.

Tools like Holdem Manager 2 collect this information from opponents as you play, allowing you to make better and better decisions at the table. Poker-Edge is the best known example of this category, you can find a review here.

You should choose a tool that is adjustable to suit your style of play.

Online Poker Tools and Software

These range from simple hand vs hand comparisons to some complex devices which take the size of the pot, chip stacks and even the known tendencies of your opponents into account when highlighting the mathematically correct plays.

The poker tables are waiting, the world of texas holdem However, be cautious when using these tools, as some poker sites do not allow them. Last, but certainly not least, the bankroll management widget takes a look at the levels you should be playing for different starting bankroll amounts.

Countdown timer Choose from preset blind structures to get playing immediately — standard, turbo or deepstack — or enter your own custom blind levels and breaks. A solid sample size is around 1, hands.

At times, if the software is not adjusted correctly it can cost you dearly. As tournaments feature shallower stack sizes, gameplay includes more maths, as well as analysis that is harder to understand.

Top 10 Poker Tools & Poker Software

This compares the loyaly rewards you can get from 6 of the biggest online poker sites. You will then be able to concentrate on making decisions, instead of spending the time calculating them yourself. Get all information and advises you on when to fold, call, raise, bluff and other information you need to dominate the other players onto your table.

It allows you to upload hand histories from all the major poker rooms and analyse them.

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